empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

With an apology to all Dark Knight fans...


So I got home tonight about 9:30p and there was Mr. Wonderful on the couch, watching “The Dark Knight.”  I had successfully avoided it at the theater, but since Mr. W had the fireplace going, I sat down with him.

OMG – with apologies to everyone who likes it – what an overblown bore.  While I’m mocking – what is up with B’mans voice every time he was wearing the mask?  Instant lyrangitis?  More serious objections – it’s bad enough that some curvy blonde always ends up dying horribly –but why would I watch a gun being held on a little boy for entertainment? 

This is me not giving a crap about the Joker.  Sorry.

Mr. W has just headed up to bed vowing never to watch a superhero movie with me again.  “Thank you.” I told him. 

He got his revenge though – he carefully opened each of the kitchen cabinets doors/drawers and for good measure – the front door coat closet is hanging open. 

“You,” he told me, “were irritating as hell.  I know you won’t be able to go to bed till you tidy everything up.”  How well he knows me....

“Ill get my revenge even if it raises your blood pressure.”

“Yup,” he agreed, “but meanwhile, I have to work tomorrow morning so I’ll need a ride to metro at 7:45 am.” Damn CNN’s new John King anchoredd show on Sunday mornings.  Like DC needs another political talk show?  This sucker (State of the Union – Ugh!) yammers 4 hours. 

He’s going at 7:45 because he KNOWS how bad I hate anything before 8am. 

This prolly will teach me not to sit next to him on the couch and talk even if the movie is awful x infinity.



Tags: with an apology to all dark knight fans
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