empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Nasal Warfare Day Two


Day two of nasal warfare has gone as well as can be expected.  I got to take a shower and eat yogurt with mashed banana.  Whoo hoo!

I have gauze pad taped under my nose to (eewww) catch blood drips caused by the wadding packed into my face. I have a cold pack draped on my face to help with the swelling.  I reek of charm.

I have great drugs.  I don’t think I have been awake for two hours straight.  My Lutheran sleep response to stress has kicked in big time.  Plus the drugs…. 

My Mom will stay with me tomorrow.  I’m sending Mr. Wonderful to work.  He has all kinds of conference calls and crap happening.  If he stayed home I think the caged pacing and teeth grinding would hinder my recovery.  He will take me to the surgeon Thursday, which should be super fun, what with taking packing and stitches out of my nose & throat.

I’m pretty good with email but not really able to talk yet.  Apparently the throat is the longest recovery – I should be more able to converse next week, but for now it really hurts to talk. 

Thanks for all the good wishes and concern.  It is tremendously comforting and makes me feel less isolated in the house.  You guys are the best. 

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