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Its all about the nose here....


Hey Everyone!
I just wanted you all to know that I got the packing out of my face yesterday, which was exactly as painful and disgusting as it sounds.  Because I am all about the drama, I fainted in the dr office right after hugewedge # 2 got yanked out of my sinus. 
Cue lots of nurses tripping over my size 11 feet while trying to find the ice pack in the back corner of the cabinet.
Luckily I was sitting in an exam chair, so I didn’t hit the ground, or worse, the tiny doctor, who I would have squished like a bug.  I came to because a nurse slapped an ice pack on my face, which hurt like the bejeezus.  Syseech!
My nose feels so much better and I look mostly normal now.  I have really red cheekbones because my skin did not like the tape, but I have greased up with exzema meds and should look better soon. 
My throat is pretty much on fire.  I take my pain meds on schedule and drink water non stop from the bendy straw.  Who knew I could go so long without talking?  I’m surprised I haven’t exploded.
I slept really well last night for the first time since forever which makes me feel much better.  It is going to be an exciting day – shower, change of sheets and maybe a movie on the downstairs tv!!  Whoo hoo.
Thanks very much for all your comments and concern.  It really makes my day!   
Tags: its all about the nose here....
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