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Here is the update on my recovery.

 Most important – all the pathology came back benign.  BulYah!!

 Ears –

The tubes in my eardrums hurt, which is normal and should abate in a few days.   There is no bleeding so I’m calling it a win.

 Sinus –

Most the swelling from acute sinus infection and the surgery is gone.  I don’t have visible bruising or teary eyes anymore, (eye irritation was first a result of pressure from infection and then the packing).  The skin on my cheekbones is almost recovered to the reaction from the surgical tape. I am really happy NOT to look like a freak show. 


This continues to make me uber miserable.  I had a polyp removed from my uvula and an additional, larger polyp removed behind the uvula, which was blocking the area where sinus drains into the throat.  Now my sinus drains naturally, which is good, but it drains in the area that has had two incisions, lots o swelling and the scraping of the breathing tube down the throat during surgery. 

 This keeps me diligent about pain med, bendy straw and water.  It hurts like a fury to talk.  A burp or hiccup makes me miserable.

 The doctor warned me that week two would be all about the throat. Wow!

Hurting wears me out so everything else gets to wait. Rest and quiet is all I need to do.

I chill on the bed, head propped to alleviate swelling, keeping the humidifier going.  Pain med makes it hard to read books, so I am dvd girl.  I’m sure a few more quiet days like these will go a long way to facilitate healing.

 Thank you for all your kind encouragement.  I am very lucky to have such people in my life.  

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