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I'm all about the attitude. You've been warned.


Warning!! This is a RANT

I like to think of myself as a kind and compassionate person.  Right now, I’m telling the whole world to suck it up, get a grip and LIGHTEN UP.  Everyone around me is all emo.   

Jeesze Louise, I must have said (or thought) 100 times today – are you homeless or fatally ill?  No??  Then SNAP OUT OF IT.  Take your head out of your butt and help someone else for a change. 

I’m all out of sympathy for pointless, indulgent anxiety or any manifestation of cranium-rectum disease.  Look around at the rest of the world and realize that you have it good.  Then be grateful for your blessings. 

Whew!! I feel better. 


The manager of my local grocery store is an Egyptian immigrant.  My Daughter minored in Arabic in college.  When they see each other they converse in Arabic, to their mutual delight. When my Son comes to the grocery store with me (the only way he can get snackfoodcrap) he always says hello to Mr. Manager and shakes his hand.   

This had earned me the Mother of the Decade accolade from Mr. Manager.  Today he insisted on carrying all my groceries to the car for me and stood chatting with me for about half an hour. He is a truly lovely person who is devoted to his family. Note to self:  bathroom before grocery store.  By the time I managed to get away I was doing advanced pee-pee dance and drove home breaking every traffic law on the books.  Syheesh.  

In my hood the cherry and pear trees are blooming.  Everywhere I look, there are blocks of fluffy pink or white trees.  Up next – Redbud, Dogwood and azaleas. I love this time of year.

It is year three for my garden.  My Mother in Law told me that it goes: sleep, creep and then leap.  I’m excited to see all my hard work and plantings LEAP into some semblance of my expectations.   

I figure I have about 15 minutes before the deer eat everything.  Right now several bushes in my front yard are covered (think hairnets) because the deer were eating them to the ground. I have to put a plastic bag over the birdfeeder every night or the herd of 10 eat all the seed. Paintballs don’t discourage them for long.  There is never a good predator when you need one.

At least I didn’t talk about my nose. 


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