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Just want your extra time and your........

I have told my kids a million bazillion times to “Act your age, not your shoe size.” 

Today, driving down the road with the radio blasting, they realized that I have been quoting a lyric from a Prince song (Kiss).  It was a really funny moment.  People in other lanes must have thought we were insane – what with the car dancing and then the hilarity. 

“Well,” I told them, after we calmed down, “my other best advice is from the top of a mayonnaise jar.  I’ve said it just as often.”

I made them wait for a few beats and told them, “Keep cool but don’t freeze.” 

Best relationship advice ever.  Sometimes life really is that simple. 

Show of hands, how many people reading this would benefit from a 5 second verbal pause/delay button?  I personally need 20 seconds, because I’m not that smart.

I’m still able to make the telephone and cell phone ring – often simultaneously – by going to the bathroom.  This week, every time I answered the phone, it has been another heartbreaking drama.  Mommas have died, had strokes or slipped further into dementia. Relationships have floundered and college acceptances hang in limbo.  Some of my closest friends are so sad.   

I hurt for them AND get nervous every time I have to pee. 

“I can’t say anything that makes anyone feel better,” I told Mr. Wonderful.

“I think the point is that they just want you to listen.”  We were lying in bed with the light off, which is the only way we can talk at home without some darn kid minding our bizness.

So here it is:  I think everyone should use their very best manners all the time.  Life can be short, brutal and hard. Sometimes the only useful thing a person can do is to be kind. 

I have to remember that my problems 1) aren’t that special and 2) are non-existent compared to the suffering around me.

Shutting up now so I can hear what other people need to say.

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