empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Karl Rove, Corvettes and enjoying Bad Manners


I was RUDE.  You've been warned.

This Friday was the Best Day in a long time.  I had a great workout, then took metro to Union Station, meeting a CNN buddy for lunch.  We haven’t seen each other since I had sinus surgery and her Mom had a stroke. We had a lot to talk about.  Mostly we just laughed, which sounds callous, but if you can’t be deadpan and cynical in the face of awful, what is life anyway?

SO I hugged her good-bye and was zooming past the Amtrak towards metro when my phone rang.  Digging into my purse I collided with someone hard enough that we both bounced back and looked at each other. 

There stood Karl Rove (Chief of Staff - Bush White House/GOP Commentator).  “Damn,” I said, “No escort?  How the mighty have fallen.   And me without a beverage to throw at you.”  I continued to grin toothily as he very carefully backed up and walked around me.  

Yup, very rude.  So much fun. 

Next stop was meeting my daughter for a movie (State of Play – real good.  Esp for two political junkie newshounds). 

I was sitting on a bench outside the movie theatre, waiting for my Daughter, enjoying the sunshine and people watching.  What to my wondering eyes does appear but a full bore mid-life crisis, driving a metallic, lime green convertible corvette, complete with extra farty muffler. All he needed was his radio blasting Cher singing ‘If I Could Turn Back Time.’ 

For all his posturing and trolling, there wasn’t anyone in his demographic to impress.  It was mostly a very racially diverse crowd of teenagers, senior citizens and Moms with little kids.  Daytime people, not at work.   

I watched him make a three point turn and come back for more cruising.  He ruffled his muffler at my Daughter (a knockout, even if I wasn't her Mom) who was walking down the street towards me.  He made no impression, as she was passing a window display of spring shoes. 

Then he passed me.  “Don’t worry.”  I called out, “You don’t look ridiculous at ALL.”  I’m sure it earned me bad karma, but seeing him roar off in a thunder of farty muffler sounds was really funny.   

My Girl and I had a great time.  I bought two pairs of summer shoes, which made her wonder Where Her Real Mother Was.  She got a cute sweater on super sale. We both got big, dark, movie star sunglasses.  Mr. Wonderful met us for dinner.  I recounted my big day of bad manners.

“You’ve never looked so good.” I told him.  “I like a man who relies on intelligence and humor to impress people, rather than a tin can with wheels.” 

“You’re just sucking up because I caught you using my toothbrush.” 

“Again,” I told him, “I’m so sorry.  I can’t even brush my teeth anymore before coffee.”


Tags: karl rove corvettes and enjoying bad man
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