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There is no such thing as a bad nap


My dear Miss Peg just called to say that she was safely returned to Thailand after a 28-hour commute.  We had a good visit even though she was in country for a funeral.  She had to crank her metabolism through a 12-hour time difference immediately.  Her life is such fun sometimes.   

Luckily, we managed to bore her into sleep at night.  Plus - We flopped down on the couches every day at 3p like it was our religion.  

I always think of 3p as horizontal time.  I need a 20-minute brain rezoning.  Then I’m good to go again.  In my former life, I used to yawn loudly during afternoon meetings.  Truly, any time can be nap time.   

As a personal gift from the Gods to Miss Peg, every day here was cool with a side of hosing rain. Miss Peg wore sweatpants and sweatshirts, wool socks and a fleece jacket.  She covered up with a light blanket. I sat around in jeans and a short sleeve t-shirt.  Mocking her kept me warm.  

In Thailand, Miss Peg reported tonight, it was 94 degrees at midnight.  I’m going to hate the heat when I visit.    

My Daughter and I are planning to go to Thailand in October.  I will be the hot, fat, sweaty farong who towers over everyone else on the sidewalk.  The two of us couldn’t be more excited.  Miss Peg promises me a bout of food poisoning to augment my weight loss ambitions.

My favorite fantasy is to win the lottery and take off around the world immediately.  I love the feeling of being someplace I’ve never been, hearing a language I don’t understand.  I like the lost, fuddled feeling of travel.  I think its because I’ve lived in the same place all my life.    
Today I took inventory of What I Have To Do This Summer.  So far:  Son’s 18th birthday (paintball and pizza), then his high school graduation (company & event cooking) and then the graduation PAR-Tay.    He asked his Dad’s band to play.  Mr. W is over the moon with the compliment.  I’m planning on ordering pizza for 50.  I can’t cook hamburgers + everything else for that many people anymore because I’m old.  The end. 

Also - Mr. W and I have our 24th wedding anniversary.  My Dad turns 80, complete with party, to which my Mom says: you do it.  All this celebrating is compressed into the weeks between Memorial Day and early July.  Who knew I was such a party animal?        

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