empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Beware of the Bird


Party season is proceeding smoothly in Empresspatti land.  Each day I scurry, armed with a list, to Get Things Done. 

I feel great – the sinus surgery is 8 weeks past and I’m healed.  I finally have my stamina back.   I can breathe through my nose, which is a revelation.  The 140 days of antibiotic before surgery, which made me feel awful, is also a distant memory.   

Being healthy is fun.

The world-class horrendo haircut I got the day before my surgery is finally grown out.  Jeeze Louise, no one noticed the post surgical tampon type wedges packed into my nose because they were thinking, “did she cut her hair with a lawnmower?”   

My Daughter introduced me to the home spa treatment known to legions of middle-aged women as ‘waxing the upper lip.’  You might have heard the scream mid-day.  I think she was really trying to remove my upper lip. 

I’m housebound till the swelling and redness go away.  No point in scaring people in public.  Because I was hiding at home with an ice pack, I was available when my BFF called.  She has a high-pressure job and a Mom with dementia, so moments to laugh on the phone are rare. Our friendship had made me happy for 43 years, so it’s worth the wait till she has time to chat. 

My Son went off to Prom looking pretty enough to knock girls off their sling backs.  His date was adorable.  Looking at him, all dressed up in his new suit, I thought to myself ‘those teeth really were worth $6,500 of braces + $1,500 of wisdom teeth extraction.  

Who knew anything that started that small and cute could be so expensive?  I got good value for my investment.     

Mentioning this observation to my husband was a mistake.  “You are always so mushy,” Mr. W told me.  “You ooze sentiment.  Try and contain yourself.” 

Getting sniffy is not the way I roll.  But I digress from my digressions.

 Our front yard is currently dominated by a Catbird who objects to me.  Sitting on the porch with coffee or getting the mail is risky and triggers repeated dive bombings. This bird sits in the tree and waits for me to show.  She lets loose with a big squak every time she sees me.  It’s embarrassing to have something that small boss me around so much.

 My entire garden is covered with deer netting (further proof I am insane).  We have a herd of 10 that check every night for any goodies that might have poked out of the netting.  It is unreal. Why doesn’t the Catbird object to them?

Nature has it in for me.


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