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College Admissions and Hickeys


On the way to the gym today I had a mental ‘feh’, turned around and came home.  I did some work in the garden.  While I was wrestling with deer netting, the phone rang.   

Strange because 1)no one uses the hard line anymore except my Parents and 2)I wasn’t in the potty which is the only time that phone ever rings.  I dropped the netting and sprinted into the house. 

It was the North Carolina School of the Arts asking if my Son was still interested in attending (he’d been wait-listed).  Huge Yes.  I called Mr. W and we hooted.  Then we worried about the expense. 

It took two voice messages to scare my Son into calling me back.  Since he was almost home, I hopped into the car and ran him down. Seeing me jump out of the car had him in worry-face.  

“Holy Crap,” I said to him, “are those hickeys?”  Cue stammering, denial and red-faced embarrassment. 

“I am going to torture you for YEARS.  We get to have the sex talk again.  But meanwhile – you got into NCSA!”

We made enough noise to disturb traffic driving by on the busy street. 

Or maybe they just noticed my ‘Innocent Bystander’ T shirt.

And just like that, everything changes.  He called his Dad to share.  I got on the phone and said from now till they fade, we would be calling our Son Mr. Hickey.

Everyone wins.  Especially me, the next time I see the girlfriend.  Hee. 

Tags: college admissions and hickeys
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