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It may be possible to have too much fun

No matter how much fun I’ve had, I’m always glad to see the end of the holidays.  We had a great time.  The entire family was home; friends visited and ate pizza, we slept late, lazed around enjoying down time and got thoroughly sick of each other.  I’m ready to get back to the daily routine, where cookies do not happen every ten minutes.


Yesterday morning, my Parents left for their annual three months in Arizona.  Except for worrying about them making the drive, I’m glad that they go.  It extends their health to miss the ice storms and other assorted winter misery. 


Still, the good-bye hug always brings a physical pang.  I miss them.  As they get older I am more and more aware of how fragile they are becoming.  Time seems to speed up, as I get older. 


I’m in a mood – huh?     


You will all be glad to know that everyone on the planet had a better New Year’s Eve than me.  The rest of the world had something to do, but my husband/son would not even consider going out. I made dinner (spaghetti – what else do males eat?) and then went to bed with the start of a truly fine cold.   I fell asleep watching Bones and snored loudly enough to make the boys complain. 


So there, you should have taken me out to dinner, even if I was sweaty and miserable and coughing.  I woke up feeling marginally better, plus I had a reason to sulk.  This cheered me up because I never miss the opportunity to be a pain in the butt. 


Today was the annual Chanukah brawl at my Best Friend’s house.  Four generations of her family and me, husband and kids all eating and yelling over each other.  Everyone’s ears are ringing by the end of the evening. 


About ten years ago, BF put the potato peelings down the disposal and clogged the drain, right before everyone got there.  We were making so much noise that we did not realize that the Chanukah plumber was loudly snaking the drain till we sat down to eat.  In the sudden silence of 25 people eating, the clanging sound of the industrial snake could finally be heard.


“What’s that?”  I asked BF.  “The sound of the most expensive latkes ever made,” she told me, disgusted, “next year I’ll be smart enough to throw the potato skins in the trash.” 


We about died laughing.  It became the Legend of the Chanukah plumber. 


We have been BFF’s since we were 11.  There is no way to overstate my affection and respect for her.  She has been part of every major event in my life.  Sometimes I think we are more married to each other than to our husbands.  We have known each other longer than we’ve known our spouses.     


Long ago, we agreed that whoever went first, the other would leave a phone on the grave.  Death is not enough to keep us from our daily phone conversations.  We plan on being in the old folks home together, cheating at bingo and stuffing dinner rolls in our purses.   


It was fun, to watch the lighting of the candles, eat potato latkes and exchange gifts with the entire extended family.  I have known and treasured these people since I was in 7th grade. They have always declared me, and my family, part of the tribe.  How wonderful is that?  We have the place of honor as the token goys.


I hope everyone has a great 2006.  I’m planning to eat pie, dance and laugh for no reason.  It has really been fun meeting y’all!
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