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Party Nation


Wednesday night we had 8 people here for my Son’s high school graduation dinner.  I went all out – fancy linens and the good china.  Thursday was the actual graduation ceremony topped off with a family lunch.  Saturday night should be a rave with 70 people and Mr. Wonderful’s band. The Graduate picked the menu: pizza + ice cream sandwiches (boys are so easy) for the masses.

Every celebration for this family includes food.  It’s fun, but wondering if my stomach will survive through the end of the week.  Plus, even though I like to cook, Wednesday was ridiculous.  I need a minion. 

GWAD – I hope it quits raining.  It has been hosing down for days.  We’re calling it the “Wear your Boots” party, as the backyard is spongy with mud.  I bought a gallon of bug spray.  I also mentally waved goodbye to the acres of off-white carpeting in this house.  Historical note: it was here when we bought the place so it is Not My Fault.  I see a carpet cleaner rental in my future.  

Last year, same weekend, we celebrated our Daughter graduating from College.  It was 98 degrees – so we dubbed it the “Heatstroke” party.  Late that evening there was a huge thunderstorm.  Everyone retreated to the garage with their lawn chairs and didn’t leave till the last beer was gone.  I remember staggering off to bed thinking I was awfully old to stay up so late.  

I hope this years shindig will be as much fun.  We must be insane.    

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