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Life update or brain dump?


Where to start?  I better organize by category.

 Party Nation
We hosted 70 family and friends, celebrating our Son’s graduation from high school and acceptance to North Carolina School of the Arts. 

 Mr. W’s band played.  We ate pizza, salad and ice cream sandwiches.  Kids ran around with squirt guns (front yard only!!) played with stilts and chalked graffiti on the sidewalk. Keeping to tradition, we set off bottle rockets once it got dark. It was FUN.

I kept hoping the police would come and tell us to behave, but no such luck.

Since the party, Mr. W and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.  It was very romantic (<==that is sarcasm).  I picked him up from metro Friday after work; we went to the local good place for dinner. 

We had frozen margaritas with dinner and were asleep two hours later.   Is it possible to have a fun overdose? 

 The same weekend I had a crowd of 10 over for Father’s Day.  The following weekend I had to put on nice clothes and celebrate my fav Aunt & Uncles 50th wedding anniversary.   

 Mid July is the party for my Father’s 80th birthday.  It’s a big catered affair and my brother and family are coming in from California.     

After that is over, I swear, I am not going to eat ANYTHING for a month.  I don’t think I’ll leave the house except to go to the gym.  Having this much fun is hard work.  

DC Metro
Neither my Daughter nor Mr. Wonderful were on the Metro when the accident happened, for which I am profoundly grateful.  DC, MD and VA did not have coordinated, dedicated funding for the Metro system.   It makes me crazy that people had to die horrible tragic unnecessary deaths to have the situation corrected.

 Suddenly getting to work is hellish.  Their commute, which was 35 minutes, is now 90 complete with Standing Room Only.  My Daughter and Mr. W come home hours later, hot and miserable. 

 Medical Drama
My Son, fresh off the graduation party, had his deviated septum repaired and his adenoids yanked.  He got to wear plastic splints stitched into his nose for 8 days.  It was a really DISGUSTING doctor visit to have them removed.   I’m currently calling him Mr. Nose, much to his chagrin.

 He still wears out in about two minutes.   The doctor told him he’d feel better next week, which is good because..

 The Beach
My BFF of 43 (!) years has rented a place at the shore next week.  Her husband can’t get away when they planned.   Since I am a caring person, I have volunteered to go along with her for a few days.  The kids (Mr. Nose should be fine by next week) have volunteered to come down for an overnight. 

 I can’t begin to convey how much I am looking forward to some mano o mano time with my BFF.  She has a huge job and a Mom who suffers with poor health.  I’m also pleased that my kids will have a road trip experience together.  I’m packing wine, sun block and a trashy novel. 

 September Issue    
AFI Silverdocs film festival just wrapped in our ‘hood.  I caught the ‘September Issue’ documentary.  It was a profile of Anna Wintour as she prepared the Vogue 2007 September Issue. 

 Sidebar:  I loved “The Devil Wears Prada.”   I come down firmly on the side of Meryl Streep..  Smart driven women are valuable and don’t have to pretend to be warm and fuzzy.  The Anne Hathaway character was an immature twit. 

 Also - I readily confess that my entire wardrobe comes from Target and Kmart, with a side of Dress Barn (because its near my home and isn’t in a mall) for the higher end (ha) stuff like dresses and blazers.  My shoes come from DSW and Payless.  I wouldn’t be capable of accessorizing even if it meant the end of poverty and the beginning of world peace. 

 ‘September Issue’ was fascinating. Vogue has a subscription base of 15 million and has been published continuously for 175 years. I had no idea that Wintour is such a powerhouse both in publishing and the fashion industry.  

 I love Vogue in the same way that I love science fiction – separate and apart from real life. I can’t wear the clothes or shoes, but I see art and craftsmanship when I look at the magazine.  September Issue is worth the price of admission.

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