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Happy 4th of July


We take 4th of July seriously here in Our Nation’s Capital.  

The Smithsonian holds the Folk Life Festival on the mall.  Think FUN activities plus the possibility of heat stroke and the reality of porta potties.  There are Military Bands, multiple concerts and fireworks.  Metro is packed. 

Since having children, we opted for the local community parade.   

We’d go every year with our kids and our beloved friends, Miss Peg, Gary and their boys.  The parade was perfect – Lawnmower Precision Drill Team, Scottish/Asian bagpipe marching band and the Trinidad Steel Drum Band float.  One memorable year a float caught on fire.

We’d cheer for the Lesbian/Wicca Society and clap for the elderly overweight belly dancers.   There was always some baton disaster.

Everyone always stands to applaud the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Shriners and the guy who cleans up after the horses.  The fire trucks throw parade bling - candy and plastic fire hats.  

The parade starts at 9:15a sharp, so you could have a great time and still get the kids home for an afternoon nap.  Bonus!  

Peg and Gary are in Thailand now.  Our kids are grown and have their own plans.  Mr. W often works because of breaking news, so for the last few years 4th of July has been lonesome.    

This year new buddies invited us to a parade party.  We had so much fun.  We knew enough people not to feel awkward.  It was great watching the little kids running around and seeing that silly parade again.  I had apple pie and mimosa at 9:30am – alcohol and sugar breakfast buzz.  Talk about needing an afternoon nap!   

Strolling back, we ran into friends we hadn’t seen in years (when Mr. W and I both worked at CNN the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, impeachment, wars and the sniper, meant never saw anyone from Before).  Did we want to come back to their house for food and drinks?

It had been at least 15 minutes since we last ate and why sober up? 

We ended up having a lovely afternoon, sitting in a beautiful garden, catching up with people we have missed.  What an unexpected gift.    

Once home we hit our respective couches after taking aspirin with huge glasses of water.  Who knew we could still have this much fun?   

Now with the food and alcohol coma finished, I’ve realized something.  This summer has been a nonstop celebration of big events.  I have occasionally felt like the pig squeezing through the belly of a snake.   Ok – bad analogy but still…


Sometimes you just get lucky and have a lot of fun.  Why was I feeling guilty?  I could rationalize that this is a cosmic reward for all the sinus infection and surgery crap that made me so miserable.  Which is bullshit.  

In reality, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with people I love.  Monday starts a weeklong family reunion culminating with my Dad’s 80th birthday bash.  I’m not going to waste a minute worrying about how much I’ve eaten or if I got everything done.  I’m going to have FUN. 

Then I will spend the rest of July and all of August at the gym.  

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