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Way past time to post!


After dinner, Mr. W and I split the chores.  He went outside to water my garden.  I was inside doing the dishes.  I thought I had the better deal, as watering the garden means getting eaten up by mosquitoes.

Plus, the stinkin Catbird still dive-bombs me every time I venture into the yard.

Then Mr. W came running in saying ‘hurry’.  I dropped my sponge and zoomed outside. 

There was an owl at least a foot tall nonchalantly perched on the maple tree in our front yard.  We stood and looked at each other.  The cardinals were in full tweet and attack mode – zooming around his head.  Finally, bored with us, he gave a hop and flew off – huge wingspan and silent as could be. It was amazing, very Wild Kingdom. 

We hear owls often.  Sometimes they hoot from the front to the back yard in the middle of the night.  It makes me laugh, esp when the kids yell ‘shut UP’ as if the owls are some sort of annoying siblings. 

Then the Catbird noticed me and started to straff.  I had to run for my life.  Mr. W finds this hilarious.  Me, not so much.  Why doesn’t that Catbird pick on him? 


My Dad’s 80th birthday party went off without a hitch. In a moment of genius, I asked people to send me ‘stories about my Dad’ in lieu of a gift.  I collected a notebook full of great stories from family, friends, co-workers, college and childhood buddies.  It is a treasure.  My Dad is a great guy.  

The party: 60 people at a beautiful venue – an old farm in the country (think Mount Vernon) with a lovely pool complete with huge screened in pool house. The weather was perfect; everyone we invited came and had a good time and it was a family reunion.  PLUS – it was catered so I didn’t have to kill myself working.     

After the guests left we lingered for hours, watching the sunset and having a swim in the pool.  It was a lovely and loving day.  I’ll hold it in my heart for a long time.  

My brother had sent his 13-year-old twins to my Parents earlier in the week – talk about a wonderful birthday gift.   I have never been so glad to live right up the street from my folks - the kids could run in and out 20 times a day.   

They are almost 6 ft tall – beautiful, blond Californians who have been in the uber smart kid school since 3rd grade.  I’m not convinced that they really belong to my brother. 

I had a great time with them and their visit was a delight for my Parents.  It was nonstop boogaloo - the beach for a day, the Baltimore Aquarium, the Spy Museum.  I took them to hike the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls and let them set off bottle rockets in the back yard.  They had never seen fireflies before, more proof that Maryland is better than California.

I sure hope they can come back next summer. 

Now all the company is gone and there are no more big social events to anticipate.  I didn’t know if I’d feel relieved or let down. So far I’m mostly just pooped from all the action.  I’m going to give myself a week before I step on the scale since I don’t want to induce a heart attack.  My house is upside down and I have mountains of laundry.  My Son's departure for college is still far enough away to ignore. 

Life is good except for the Catbird. 

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