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William Bennett needs to put on his pants

 In the I Am Not Making This Up File:

Daughter got home late last night from a crazy day at work.  Highlight of her day as follows: 

Bill Bennett was commentating (blovating) on The Situation Room. CNN has set a robocam up at his house as a cheaper alternative than always having to transport him to a studio when his commentary is scheduled. 

 Um – now might be the time to confess that The Situation Room gives me a headache with all the spinning graphics and crap.  It distracts from the fact that they don’t cover actual news.  Blitzer used to be good.  Nuff said.

 ANYWAY – my Daughter, a second control room producer and both techs in Quality Control were working on the remote shot.  White balance, audio, video, robotic control, check, check, check.  Then they refocused the camera just in time to realize that William Bennett had on a shirt & tie, but NO PANTS.  Talk about taking casual dress to another level.  Did he really think no one would notice?  MY daughter said they all stood around, looking at the monitor, saying “Oh NO!” 

 I can’t believe she passed on the opportunity to tell him she’d noticed.  I would have had a lot of fun with that conversation.  I mean - they already had the ifb in his ear and the camera on.  What a missed opportunity.  

I HOPE some CNN guest booker has a Wear Your Pants Discussion with our former Surgeon General/Drug Czar. 

Seriously, WTF???  Who does that? Billyboy, wear your pants when there is a camera in the room, even if you are sitting down in a framed shot!


In other happy news, both Mr. W and I have gotten speeding tickets via camera in the last week.  I was going 31 in a 25 mile zone.  When the Maryland legislature voted traffic cameras in, I was all for it.  Now that I’ve gotten a ticket I am grousing about Big Brother.  Sheeysh.

And really? 31 mph.  Not exactly the highway to the danger zone.

At least I had my pants on.

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