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Kittys, little kids and nests of idiots

As happens often in Empresspattiland, two very pretty girls showed up just now to visit with my Son.  They were in possession of a two-week-old kitten with a very convoluted back-story.  Kitten was yowling loudly.  The girls had a can of kitty formula and a tiny bottle. 

I noticed that the nipple on the bottle was not perforated.  Taking possession the kitty and bottle I managed to get about an ounce of formula down the hatch. 

Kitty was alert and playful, but when I put her (?) down on the floor she walked with her head tilted up and sideways. Is that normal? It seems awfully young to be weaned and I wonder if I should insist on a vet visit or what…….?   

I haven’t a clue and would welcome all advice.


This continues to be the Summer of Fun.  Mr. W, our Daughter and I were invited to a CNN friend’s house for dinner Saturday night.  They have a 2-½ yr old son and a 7-month-old daughter.  It was really fun to be around little kids again.  The little boy took to Mr. W big time and even came marching into the bathroom to keep Mr. W company while he went ‘potty.’

Mr. W came back to the dinner table and whispered to me. We almost died laughing.   Naturally, the Parents were horrified, which made us howl even longer.  It was a very good evening. 

“I’m exhausted,” my Daughter said as we drove home at the crack of 8:30p, because we left right before final bedtime meltdown,  “and I only watched the shienagans.” 

We’d forgotten how much attention little pishers suck up.  It was a real nice reminder of how much work and joy they bring AND the best birth control lesson we could have asked for.  Win-win.


 Sunday night Mr. W and I went to Wolf Trap to see Taj Mahal and Bonnie Raitt.  I couldn’t get anything but lawn tickets, but we took a big sheet, a couple of pillows and got a fairly decent spot.  Little did I realize that we were sitting next to a nest of idiots.  They yammered loudly through the first  songs in the set and were offended when I pointed out that the concert had started and no one wanted to hear any more about the girlfriends boob and nose job. 

 This got a round of applause from the people nearby and tingly offended silence from the idiot nest.

 It just makes me wonder: 

Why go to a concert if you are going to talk loudly during the show? Isn’t that what movie theatres are for?

Who discusses boob surgery with an audience of thousands?

Why do I always have to be the adult?  Couldn’t anyone else have asked them to STFU?

I love mankind.  It’s people I can’t stand.

Tags: kittys, little kids and nests of idiots
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