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It feels like the millionth day in a row of 95+ degrees here in Our Nations Capital.  It hasn’t rained since June.  I am ready to poke my eyes out.  I like open windows, a cool breeze and temps not exceeding 72 degrees.  If you throw in a nice pattering rain, it is Nirvana. 

Is it Fall yet? 

*End of Whining*

Continuing the Summer of Fun, I saw my college roommate Tuesday.  She was in from California visiting her Mom.  It was a real treat, since I don’t see her very often, as in maybe 10 times in the last 30 years.  Her latest CD is outstanding - check it out.

I picked her up and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon on the beach and went out to dinner.  It was a long drive home, definitely worth it.  It brought back lots of fun memories I hadn’t thought about in decades.

Thirty-two years ago, the summer I graduated college, we took off for Rehoboth Beach, Del.  It was 4th of July weekend; we had no place to stay.  Within a day we had landed jobs and found a tiny apartment.  It was a fun summer. 

The universe has really aligned for me this summer.  I have seen almost everyone I have ever loved.  It occurs to me that if my life was a sappy movie, this is where I would die.  

 Instead, I think I’ll just wait out the heat.   I'm glad this is just Real Life - which is occasionally full of unexpected gifts..... 

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