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Random update


First off – a shout out.  After my crummy week, I met 

lizziebuffy2008  for coffee on a sunny Friday afternoon.  What a treat!   


Channeling my inner Jane Austin (I just read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) I can attest that she is as charming as she is convivial. 2009 speak – smart, beautiful and funny.  I hope you and your hubby have a fabulous time in Paris.

It occurs to me that I’m two for two – I’ve also met 

confusedkayt.  Both were great experiences.  Every day I am so pleased and entertained by my flist.  Thanks, everyone.  


OK – enough with the squee.  Onward to the whining….   

I have the glooms.  I miss my Son – or to be more accurate, I miss the noise, the boys, the constant assault on the fridge and 6pm when he used to circle the kitchen like a shark.  I feel like the family dog left behind during vacation.  I’ll be glad when this mope wears off.  I sure hope I am gainfully employed by the time my Daughter moves out or who knows how miserable I'll make myself.  I couldn’t possibly be more annoying.    

Nothing compliments gloom more than home improvement projects.  Mr. W and I have just finished the marriage enhancing ritual known as "washing the mold off the vinyl siding accessible only by standing on the roof.”   

I was roof guy, since I weigh less and am less important to the family economy; also because Mr. W has a height phobia.  Aforementioned height phobia led Mr. W to the bright idea of tying a rope around the deck rail and clipping on a belay, then insisting my tying it around my waist for ‘ballast.’ Whatever that is.

SO in addition to scrinking around on my ass on the roof (too scary to stand up) with a long handled brush and bucket of soapy water, wearing an allergy mask over my nose and mouth because mold is my trigger for personal misery, I was wrestling with a rope.  

Imagine how charming I was. 

What a miserable job.  My ass got chapped as hell.  Hopefully we will sell our home before we need to wash the mold off again. The whole ordeal took about 3 hours which included arguments, going to Home Depo to buy rope and hauling the ladder, bucket of soapy water and hose around the house.  It only seemed like eternity.  Next up is drywall in the laundry room.

It might be smarter to mope.  

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