empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,


If I loved getting shots, getting ready for my trip to Korea and Thailand would be a thrill.  So far this week, I’ve been poked for flu and Hepatitis A. In a few weeks it’ll be H1N1, typhoid and danang fever, plus whatever else the CDC and Kaiser decide I need.  Oh joy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, since the first round of shots I’ve been dragging my ass around behind me in a wagon.  I am so tired, yo.  I’m in bed by 10p every night, snoring 30 seconds later.  I drag myself up in the morning and stumble around like a zombie.  I chug my first cup of coffee like a caffeine brain bullet. 

Ok – mornings might be my normal behavior. 

I’m still moping about missing my Son, but I am unable to sustain a bad mood, misery or grudge.  I realized that it isn’t just about missing my boy and all the noise – its also a huge life change.  We might still be Parents, but we aren’t Mom and Dad everyday.  Kids contain a lot of laughter and we miss that.

But, with my Son gone and Daughter away most weekends, I’ve discovered something long forgotten: Mr. Wonderful and Leisurely Nookie. 

There is an upside to not having the kids underfoot every living minute.

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