empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Big Chicken


Mr. Wonderful took the day off work.  First off, he held my coffee cup out to me this am saying “Here Zombie. Zombie, Zombie.”  Even wearing my morning crankypants, it made me laugh.   

We saw the movie ‘Paranormal Activity’.  He’s upstairs sleeping like a moose, all large and snore-y. I’m awake for the rest of my life.   

I am such a wussy.  That movie scared the shit out of me. You should have seen me when the ‘fridge made a noise just now.  Phew! 

I’m fine with Vamps, Zombies, Aliens etc because they aren’t real.  This movie had such normal people in a normal house.  I don’t think I’ve been this creeped since I was 13, babysitting and watched “Psycho” on tv.  It took me a month to recover. 

Sersly – even an episode of Entourage, which usually bores me into coma immediately, isn't going to lull me into sleep tonight. 

I am a big chicken.

Maybe I should try Dan Browns new book.....

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