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We have an elderly couple living behind us.  They are kind and affable and have a shelter rescue dog.  Shadow is a mix of pit bull and chocolate lab.  She is waayyy to young and energetic for them.  I’m not clear on the details, but somehow my Daughter volunteered to walk the dog whenever she can.   

Thus the evolution of The Daily Yank. 

For a smallish dog, Shadow is strong and also really, really excited to have walks.  Judging by the way my Daughter gets yanked along, her leash arm should be significantly longer.  My Daughter can dig in her heels as much as she wants but she doesn’t weight enough more than Shadow to prevent being yanked around. 

Mr. Wonderful loves this.  He waits till our Daughter is being dragged past the house, stands on the porch and calls “who’s a good boy?”  Shadow loves Mr. W, so she hauls our Daughter sputtering up the hill to get pettins.  I noticed last weekend – Mr. Wonderful has started walking the dog when our Daughter is away.

Recently, I dropped by the neighbors with mail that had been mistakenly delivered to our house.  Shadow was overjoyed.  Cue furious wagging, happy hopping – the whole gamut of anticipatory behavior.  I had bread in the oven.  It broke my heart to see the disappointment.  How can an animal with no language convey that much heartbreak? 

I felt so guilty that I went back to walk her when the bread was done.  Now I’m the one being hauled around by a badly behaved dog who lunges at bikes, yanks me across lawns when a squirrel is spotted and tries to pick a fight with every other dog who walks past.  For a good-natured dog, Shadow is a two-year-old social wildebeest.  She pulls so hard on her leash that she chokes. 

Any guidance?         

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