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Deeply Shallow

First off - thanks everyone for the advice re: Shadow. Who knew cheese treat could make such a difference? She is vastly improved. She comes when called, makes nice with other people and dogs and has quit lunging at bikes.

She still yanks us on her leash for the first few minutes of any walk. We're working on it. We also started taking her to the local bark! park! to play with other dogs. It is so much fun to walk into her yard and see her waiting for us in the window. She's so joyous when she spots us - she goes into orbit. It's very flattering.

It;s all the joy of having a really sweet dog, without (for me) any of the miserable allergies of co-habitation. Win-win.

I've mailed all my summer clothes to Miss Peg in Thailand, simplifying packing enormously. Seoul will be freezing. BKK will be heat stroke central. Now I don't have to pack/haul clothes for two climates. I'm deep into research mode, Seoul, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Angkor Wat. I'm going to cram a lot into 5 weeks, esp since I'm damn sure never going to have the opportunity again. One more set of shots and I'm good to go. WOOT!

AND Speaking of excitement!! Tomorrow I see my Son, coming home from college for the first time since we dropped him off 3 1/2 months ago. I can't wait to see how he's changed. I've made two batches of cookies and lamented the fact that I no longer have to duct tape the ice cream container shut to keep it safe for Thanksgiving dinner.

Onward to the funny otherwise known as NEW MOON. Spoilers Ahoy!

Full disclosure: I haven't read the books because at 55 years old, I don't care what happens in high school, even in BtVS, anymore. Still, I loves me the craptastic vampires....

It was, quite simply, the best $8.75 I have ever spent on entertainment.

Imagine a movie theatre packed with teenage girls, several old women like me and about 20 chump boyfriends. Sidebar: Sersly, if your girlfriend talks you into this movie then you are the type that trails along in the mall and holds the purse while the SHE is in the dressing room. No respect from me. But I digress. What a great audience. We applauded madly at every funny, shirtless moment. Which was the whole movie.

That boy took his shirt off and OMG!! What an AMAZING talent! I have never seen so many muskles in a display so lovely. ALL those pecboys were prime manflesh and how did they find pants that hang so low?

Bonus points for Edward making his dramatic opening moment getting out of a Volvo. Cuz nothing says dangerous vamp guy like going to high school for decades and side air bags. By the time Ed was going to commit death by sparkle, I had laughed myself into a coughing fit. He should have kept his shirt on. There was just no comparison.

Um - Bella. How can anyone so passive, humorless and mopey be the object of affection of two supernatural hotties? AND where is that child's self respect? Everyone gets dumped sometime by their one true love. That doesn't mean you mope around in your room for months. Once Jacob took off his shirt HELLO! go with the moment. That girl really, really needed to grow a pair. AND get a sense of humor.

The best moment of the movie came at the end (2 hrs, 20 minutes, OY) when Edward was ramping up for the big emo!talk. A boy sitting behind me moaned "Oh Come ON! This movie is NEVER going to end." I thought I was going to giggle myself into a convulsion. GO SEE THIS MOVIE AND ENJOY THE VIEW,

It was better than Twilight - and that is saying something considering how many times they forgot to put makeup on Edward's ears. I had so much fun during Twilight, noticing those shiny pink ears contrasting the white, white face. I LOVE THESE MOVIES.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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