empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

It must have been the drugs!

Back from my adventures with asscam.  Piece o cake (amazingly bad analogy).

The very worst part was not being able to eat yesterday.  I think I missed a meal in 1972.  I'm still recovering from that experience.   

It went well, or fast, or who cares since I have leftover buzz from the drugs.   The minute I got home I ate two poached eggs on toast, some corned beef hash and left over pasta italian sausage with spicy vodka sauce - although I might regret that indulgence when I finally sober up.

Mr Wonderful was - well, wonderful, esp considering that I was a four star, hellbent, bitchy cheese weenie all last night and this morning.  All he said was "you were worse than this when you were pregnant."  Many years ago, I came stomping home, evil and pregnant after a long day of work and when he said "hello" I said, "That's my couch, I bought it before we got married.  When I get home you get the hell off my couch."

Today I am going to make vegetable soup, take down the Christmas tree, vacuum the house and prep the tax return. 

Or maybe just go to sleep.  I'm bound to come down eventually.  My daughter is driving me to Blockbuster for Sopranos DVDs.  I'm not allowed to drive till tomorrow, which is a good thing as did I mention that I really have a buzz on?

Tomorrow the gym.  If I accomplish NOTHING ELSE in 2006 I am going to lose 20 more pounds and be satisfied with my 51 year old self. This will be easy as I have a shiny picture of my colon to kill my appetite!   Invisible or not, I am going to finish the weight loss and pat myself on the back and move on to complaining about something else, like our elected leaders or people who talk real loud on their cellphones on the metro.

Thanks for all the nice comments yesterday.  They made me laugh - my highest compliment.  You guys are the best.


Tags: it must have been the drugs!
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