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Be careful when you flush

A water line in the ‘hood was repaired yesterday.

I was blissfully ignorant until the middle of the night. I stumbled into the potty, did my bidness and flushed. Egads! The toilet blasted off to Mars. I shrieked. My Daughter woke up yelling. Mr. Wonderful was launched out of bed in the throes of a heart attack. It took a while for everyone to calm down.

No one needs potty drama in the dark in the middle of the night. Just sayin.


The Festival of Carbohydrate otherwise known as Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.

The airline delivered my Son home 6 hours early, sporting a miserable head cold and a truly epic duffle bag of dirty laundry. I managed to stay away from the laundry, but both my Daughter and I are now lying in bed with an astounding case of the blerghs. It’s been a great way to counteract the foodapoliza of the previous days.

Because my Daughter is the most competitive person on Earth, I can say this with malicious relish: I’m recovering faster. HA!

She counters with ‘I’m much sicker.’

It was really good to see our boy. He’s thinner and had grown an inch. He also is very unhappy at NCSA and wants to come home and attend the local community college (‘with the good film classes, Mom’). He took classes there while attending high school.

Since this strategy would save us about $24k a year for the next two years, FINE BY ME.

He can also go back to his internship, which is even sexier now because the pilot he worked on this summer got picked up by Discovery Channel.

Shameless plug: Watch ‘Monster Tracker’ Wednesday December 2 @ 10pm on Discovery.

So Mr. W is driving to North Carolina in two weeks to pick up our Son the boomerang and move him home. He is already enrolled in community college. I guess I should be sorry he’s coming back, but judging by how much we all missed him, I think I’ll just be grateful for the reprieve. Both kids will be gone forever soon enough. I just got an early Christmas gift.

Be careful when you flush.
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