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Random update from the Grinch

First off, THANK YOU[info]jmlove and [info]calturner , for the gift of snowflakes!

You bring grace to my life.

Christmas is being cancelled here. I’ve already missed the CNN holiday party and baking cookies with girlfriends. Today I decided that Christmas Cards ain’t happening.

I’m to the point of punt for a lot of Christmas activities.

“I’m fine with being the only child,” my Daughter informed me from the other side of the bed. “I’m not feeling too charitable about little bro right now.”

We’ve been side-by-side in my bed since last Tuesday, when we were felled by the crud my Son brought home for Thanksgiving. I thought the huge bag of laundry was toxic. Who knew he was trying to kill us?

Scoring antibiotics at Kaiser was like entering hell. Sick people, screaming kids and lines at the RX counter. Brave people work there. The Dr said lots of kids brought the yak home for the holiday.

Kaiser gave us the medical Rx, but we have the recovery Rx: Gilmore Girls on dvd, hollering at Oprah and Dr. Phil, occasional carry out food, gallons of tea and the humidifier cranked high.

Mr. Wonderful calls us as the Toxic Twins. He can hardly wait to go to work in the mornings and happily stays late at night.

Then CNN called my Daughter to tell her that her security clearance is complete and she is promoted to a full time, benefits having, 401k employee.

As soon as she rolls off the other side of the bed, she’s launched.

Political commentary for the 2 people who have made it this far:

Instead of being top billing for the Bowling Convention lecture circuit, Sarah Palin’s political career just got a lot more viable.

Mike Huckabee will never recover politically from pardoning Maurice Clemmons. The GOP wrote the Willie Horton blueprint decades ago.

I can again have my potential dream team – Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Bring on 2012! It’s gonna be awesome with awesome sauce.

Also: One tiny sliver of justice.
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