empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

My Son came home at Thanksgiving and infected my Daughter and I with what turned out to be H1N1 (he’s FINE btw).

We both got secondary infections her: sinus, me: sinus and ear. Blergh. Antibiotics, Gilmore Girl dvds and the Dexter season finale kept us alive.

My ears were so miserable that Monday I had tubes re-inserted in my eardrums (jabby!fun!) to deal with all the fluid and pressure. Since I was already being poked, I got typhoid and H1N1 shots (Doctor said even though I just had flu, I could catch it again. No thanks.) So now, both immunization and ears are cleared for Korea and Thailand.

I was charming during the ear procedure at the doctor’s office and even sweeter at home. Mr. Wonderful has been tiptoeing around me like it was always before 8am. He picked a bad week to use up stray vacation days.

Sheeysh. Between getting sick and getting the shots, I’ve spent the last few weeks charmingly miserable, unconscious or dragging around at quarter speed feeling ancient.

Is Christmas over yet? I swapped out all the fun for sick days and I want a do over.

It’s bitter cold and starting to snow. In Washington DC, no snowflake goes unreported. Weather!Alert! is panicking everyone with promises of 6-20 inches of snow. I might spend a weekend in my pj’s, standard behavior around here lately.

We are stocked to the rafters with food, so bring it on.
Tags: being sick is so much fun
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