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The excessively crabby brain dump

I’m so far behind in everything, lj, life, trip prep. Brain dump follows.

Thank Gwad Christmas is over. The combo of being sick and the whomping shitload of snow interfered with present buying and any fun social plans. I was ready for a do-over by mid month. I did have that day-of moment of grace, surrounded by family and friends. Next year I’ll try harder.

If it ever gets posted, I’ll link y’all to video of the huge snake Mr. W and Son built out of chicken wire and Christmas lights. My boyz deployed it with assistance from the other family in on the joke (10 and 5 yr old boys) dressed as ninjas. They positioned it so the huge mouth of the snake was engulfing our friends lighted deer statuary (sersly irresistible target). It had a silver body, green eyes and the red lights made very effective blood-like effects on the deer. This is the sixth year of Christmas prank and the best fun ever.

It should be noted that between casing the joint and deployment, I had to stop and make the boyz pancakes. My Son and the two other kids in on the caper couldn’t go another minute without eating.

Mr. W, my Daughter and Greg the boyfriend have to work both New Years Eve and New Years Day, so no plans around here for ringing in 2010. AND can we just say good riddance to this decade? Around here there was 9/11, two wars, a sniper, two heart problems and other assorted CRAP like my sinus surgery. Feh.

It’s a good thing I usually find the funny – because looking back, the unifying theme of the decade was that it sucked green monkey dicks. I guess it proves how resilient we all are that we made it through and still love each other.

Wow! This was a lot crabbier than I intended. I shouldn’t have written right after my disastrous post Christmas come to Jesus weigh-in. It’s the only time of the year I’m more evol than before 8am.

My Daughter and I leave next Friday for Korea and Thailand. I’m going to be gone for 5 weeks with limited access to computers. I’ll try and post when I can – but every moment in front of the screen means I’m not out seeing something in a place I’ll never be again. I’m sure I’ll have lots of tales to tell when I return.

Finally – A HUGE upside of these last few years is lj and the community of YOU ALL. Thanks for sharing your lives with me.
Tags: the excessively crabby brain dump
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