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Happy New Years, flisters!

At my request, my Son has posted his movie about our 2009 Christmas prank!

Backstory here:
Other holiday news 2008 – Christmas Eve our good friends continued the fatwa. Historical Note: It started here. Christmas Eve that year they left him with a bottle of wine on our front yard. Last Christmas Eve we brought him back – and upended the lighted deer holiday decorations in their yard and put arrows through the wiring. It was a lovely tableau - The slaughter of the holiday decorations.

This year they cordoned off our yard with crime scene and biohazard tape, drew chalk outlines of Santa and Rudolf and left things on the driveway labeled “CSI”. DM is only a cardboard head with a beard now – but he looked creepy laying on the driveway.

It was really funny – esp. since we noticed because of the crowd of cars and pedestrians in front of our house. The neighbors were horrified. We really do bring down the value of the ‘hood, yo.
Tags: christmas prank special 2009
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