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Greetings from Korea

NOTE: Pictures sometime - not smart enough to figure it out yet!

Our trip got off to a memorable start. Since early morning snow was predicted in DC, we booked a hotel at the airport to save the anxiety of trying to make it to the plane on time with stoopid traffic. We were so excited that my Daughter forgot her passport. Mr. Wonderful dropped me off at the hotel and then made the round trip again with the kids to capture the passport. Mr. Wonderful and Evan will never let her live it down.

Historical sidebar: Mr. W has forgotten his wallet as the start to several vacations, so this finally takes the pressure (mocking) off him. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Snoring away in the hotel room much later, the phone rang. I lurched out of bed not knowing where I was, so imagine a bee bumbling around in a jar and you will know what went on as I tried to find my phone in the dark. It was my cousin in Korea calling. Was I on the plane? “I will be in a couple of hours,” I mumbled into the phone.

An hour later I woke up and wondered if I had imagined it. I checked my reservation. No, we hadn’t missed the plane.

My poor cousin read the arrival time wrong. He had to make the round trip twice to capture us.

Also – it was 14 hours 45 minutes in the air. My ass had calluses and I was sweating, thirsty and miserable. The trip home is 20+ hours and I better get good drugs. Feh

Les and I are staying with cousins in Itaewon. Their ‘hood is rockin! It has lots of shopping, great food and really kind Koreans who are unfailing polite to us hillbillies that grin at everything.

The only downside is that NO ONE IN THIS HOUSE DRINKS COFFEE. It has been well documented that I am a zombie in the mornings, not to mention evol. I have been stumbling down the street at 6:30am (jet lag) in search of my fix. Since it is a balmy 15 degrees Fahrenheit, imagine my charm.

We have visited the National Museum of Korea (beautiful and astounding). There is a ten-story stone pagoda, colossal Buddha’s, and Korean national treasure artifacts. We really enjoyed ourselves with both the exhibits and the people watching. Now might be the time to mention that everyone is beautiful and fashionable.

We also spent a day in retail therapy at both Apgujeong and Insadong. Imagine packed streets, noise and beautiful, fashionable people everywhere. We spent the day outside roaming from shop to shop – pretty amazing considering the temp got all the way up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I have a ton of great loot.

Today we went to the DMZ. It was just as scary and interesting a place as I have ever been. The tour guide was wonderful, the soldiers were scary and lunch was SO GOOD. We have had amazing food here – and our hosts are so gracious and kind. It has been really, really fun.
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