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I took the river taxi to the flower market in Bangkok today. The driver had everyone nervous cuz he kept smashing into the piers. Babies were crying, American newlyweds were gasping. It made me laugh. I really am going native. The market was interesting - who knew there were that many yellow marigolds in the world? All used for the various shrines around town.

I wandered from there to the veggie market (motto: if it's weird looking, eat it) and then down a street where there was a huge crowd. I walked over to see what was going on - everyone was watching some Indian (dot not feather) soap opera on a tv sitting out on the street. Front and center in the crowd was a monk. I guess he's a fan.

Last week I went to Siam Reap in Cambodia to see the Angkor Wat temple complex. My previous knowledge was mostly from the movie “Tomb Raider.” Since I had made my travel arrangements through the American Express service of the American Embassy in Thailand, the hotel in Cambodia thought I was Somebody. I also had an English speaking guide who was OUTSTANDING and a driver! It was real rock star treatment. My guide was intelligent, knowledgeable, kind and patient – all needed to deal with the hillbilly from the US. He indulged my inner history nerd and led me to every corner of the temples. At one point, as I made him repeat some of his information so I could absorb it he said, “Not even Cambodians care about ancient Kings.” We both laughed. What a great person he is.

Today I leave for Chang Mai in northern Thailand. It should be cooler and quieter. Bangkok is a city of 13 million. It also is hellishly hot. Chang Mai is about 150 thousand and I am staying in the old, walled part of the city. I have a day tour to an elephant sanctuary – I want to see elephants in the wild and also get out of my host’s hair for a day.

I return home at the end of next week. Then I will have my laptop, camera and posting ability. Many pictures to come.

Hope all is well with everyone out there.
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