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The Happy Wanderer

Today is (perhaps) my last day in Thailand. Apparently home is buried in 40+ inches of snow. It’s another sunny day here in Bangkok. I call this place ‘Heatstroke Central.’

I’m watching the Korean airlines sked half-heartedly. If my departure gets delayed a day or so because the east coast of the USA is blizzardpolloza – not much I can do about it. Except go for a massage, a facial and a foot scrub. Life here at the palace is so hard.

Peg and Gary are undoubtedly ready to see me go – I’ve mooched here for a month. Every once in a while I empty the dishwasher or pick up toilet paper at the Villa Market.

“Here I am earning my keep” I tell them. “Are you still here?” they answer. My standard reply is “What’s for dinner?”

Last weekend in Chang Mai the potties didn’t flush themselves automatically. Wow! I had to push a button. So much work. I’m really into this life of luxury. Reality and the grocery store, laundry room and bill paying are going to be a shock. Seeing Mr. W and the kids makes it worth it – but I sure am glad I came and mooched for as long as I did.

When I get home there will be pix, stories to tell and in general, lots of posting about the Asian invasion. Apparently I’ll be snowed in till July!

Meanwhile - some pix

Dragon Fruit

Wood Carvers Shop

Lunch of Fried Flowers

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