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A few Korean Pictures

Admiral Yi was a famous Korean Naval Officer. He apparently kicked Japan’s ass back to - um – Japan, and protected Korea’s maritime borders.

I just liked the statue.

I also loved my cousins ‘hood, Itaewon. Thankfully for us stoopid faurang, many of the residents spoke English, thanks mostly to the large American Army base nearby. Itaewon had multiple subway stops, great restaurants, tiny antique stores, a strange bakery and lots of shops selling evening gowns.

All this fun was within walking distance of where we were staying. Paradise!

Due to the record breaking cold of the Korean Peninsula our whole visit, Leslie bought this hat:

It was a big hit with Koreans and earned her grins and comments where ever we went.

There were tons of advertisements about bleaching your skin and shops like this everywhere.

Also huge was this particular boy band -

And lingerie shops with feathers for heads…

Not quite sure what they were selling here:

This spice shop smelled SO GOOD.

Shopping in Apgujeong was ultra fashionable.

We wore our pj’s under our clothes to keep from freezing as we walked around.

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