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Kyungbok Palace, Freezing Alive and one last day in Korea

Seoul was a real study in contrasts. We were walking along admiring the skyscrapers and came across an ancient city gate.

Our last full day in Seoul we went to Kyungbok Palace, one of the five palaces in downtown, go go Seoul. This is traditional Korean Palace Guard drag.

The guys invited me up to pose. How could I resist?

The entrance to the palace was beautiful.

Monkeys are a big theme everywhere in Asia. These monkey symbols guarded the roofs of the palace.

Elaborate roof decoration.

Kyungbok Palace buildings were small compared to the skyscrapers outside the walls.

In the distance, we spotted a pagoda. Someone told us it was the Folk Art Museum. We got all excited about the possibility of heated buildings.

Sprinting towards warmth. We were frozen solid through

The Hat visited traditional Korean clothing

I thought these totems were wonderful.

Once we had thawed out, it was time to follow the hat back to the street. It had been at least three hours since we last ate.

This was Food Street. I about bumped into myself spinning in circles, trying to follow all the good smells to just one food vendor.

I didn’t want to eat eels

Don was hugely patient – taking us to mail boxes of purchases home so we wouldn’t have to tote them to Thailand (yes, I bought That Much Stuff)

One last visit to our favorite store in his ‘hood.

We were leaving frozen Korea and off to Thailand. Note the huddled stiffness of frozen-ness. We were wearing our pj's under our clothes by then!

As I was wrestling my extra clothes off at the Seoul airport, I noticed the airport potty had an etiquette bell. I was charmed.

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