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Thailand was occasionally all about the Weird

One of the many things I love about Thailand (and Asia in general) was the weird. I’m all about the weird – it makes me wonder and makes me laugh.

Leslie and I stumbled upon Sushi Art at Central World Mall. Sushi went well with the great shopping.

If we ever wanted to have a kitty party – this was the place

We had dinner at Cabbages and Condoms. The food was fab!

Who knew Santa had a condom outfit?

Condoms as political statements

I loved Jesus at the mall surrounded by soccer balls

Ronald McDonald was big in Thailand – Miss Peg’s son, Tom was a fun guide

Who knows what was going on here – but it was wunnerful

I really liked Touchdown Jesus. Thai’s don’t nail their Christ to the Cross. Christian churches were rare in this Buddhist country

Daffy Duck liked Thai noodles. This was a lawn decoration outside a Wat. It made me laugh

More than anything – I wanted this Coffee Cup Chandelier

A mall ‘Pretty’ was selling motorcycles

AND right past the 'Pretty' - I liked that there were Prayer Rooms in the Malls

In Chang Mai – I discovered the Scary Factory. I didn’t need Scary right then, but if I ever do, I know where to find it.

I went to the Mook Shop every day for a week and it was never open! I wanted Mook more than anything.
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