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Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is named after Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal. It’s Bangkok’s principal green space. It sprawls around lots of walking trails and has two boating lakes. It was right past the Sprit House – down the street from Miss Peg’s swank abode.

I loved the Spirit Houses around Bangkok. They are erected to placate the spirits of the land. They were usually on an elevated pole outside homes, hotels and offices. They reminded me of  dollhouses. They were always filled with offerings of food and flowers, to further mollify spirits. Thai’s would wai – press their hands together at head level and bow slightly – as they walked by. It was lovely and charming.

I’d get up at sunrise and zip down the street to Lumphini Park.

The 6am Tai Chi class was really popular.

I always stopped to admire the tree shrine. Trees are sacred to Thai’s and they would decorate them with scarves, flowers, incense and amulets.

The big attraction of dawn at Lumphini (for me) was the Lizards. I simply could not believe these creatures existed in an urban area.

I almost tripped over this guy one morning. I let out a girly shriek and backed up fast.

On the way home I always walked through the street market. There was strange fruit.

The smell of the red hot spices made my nose burn. Weight loss opportunity!

And the dried squid - extra Phew! in the heat of Bangkok

Lumphini Park also had swing dancing, pretty shirtless guys doing martial arts stuff with nun-chucks, old women doing some kind of martial arts dance-chi with huge fans.  There was also a group of elderly Chinese men who would march around hitting their chests with their fists shouting "huh."  It really unnerved me the first few times I was walking along - but apparently it was about releasing bad humors.

 Since it was before 8am I could really understand about releasing bad humors.  I was pretty sure they were hanging out in the squid. 
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