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One last invisible thought....

Do you talk to the person who checks out your groceries?  Would you recognize them if they weren’t standing in the store?  Do you have a favorite librarian or bookstore clerk?  Do you notice people at all?  I sometimes watch people, on metro or in public places, mostly because I'm nosy.  More often I'm in my own self-absorbed fog and don't see the people I interact with daily.   .   


Sometimes people talk to me on the street and I fumble mentally to remember how I know them.  Even more embarrassing, I know them, and can’t remember their name.  Arg!


Family can make me feel the most invisible.  To illustrate….


Two years ago, I looked at my hair and decided that everyone not me was right, I was too gray.  Most of my friends dye their hair.  Since I can’t even bring myself to use mascara (bristly brush + eyeball = ick), I had never bothered. Just do it, I thought, buying the Loving Care


Sunday evening during Desperate Housewives, I broke out the box and applied color.  I peeled off the gloves and flushed them.  I wrapped the plastic around my head and waited.  Then I read the rest of the instructions and realized that I’d need gloves again.  Ooops. 


I slung a towel over my bare breasts and skittered downstairs to the kitchen for rubber gloves.  There stood Mr. Wonderful, watching the tv, eating ice cream. 


“Boobies,” he said, making a pinching motion vaguely aimed at my chest.


I didn’t say anything, because I realized that he had not looked at my head.  He had completely missed the plastic bag of shoe polish adorning my hair!  As if I walk around the house without my shirt, ever?  I picked up the rubber gloves and went back upstairs. 


Two weeks later, at dinner, I said to my family, “Anybody notice anything different?”


No one, not husband, son, daughter, my parents or any of my friends had noticed that I had dyed my hair.  I’ve never bothered again. 
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