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Chao Phraya & the Khlong Noi Tour

When I last posted, I was talking about Wat Arun and ice cream sandwiches we had for lunch. Since we were already on the river, our host Gary bargained with a Longboat driver to take us on a tour of the Khlong Bangkok Noi. It is the major Bangkok waterway, lined by lovely homes and docks.

It is really handy when the host speaks the language. Next thing you know, we are in the longboat zipping down the river, seeing Bangkok homes from the river.

Here is our Longboat. I thought it was pretty

My beloved Miss Peg has a killer smile. We were having so much fun

Leslie and Gary had big grins

The docks were amazing. I loved the idea of going to work every day from here

Or here

And I would love it if all this was in my ‘hood

I want to go here for my glasses

I want to live here.

The River Buddha reminded me how far from home I was. It was really impressive.

It was cool and really pleasant on the river. Gary had also negotiated a ride back to the Central Dock/Skytrain stop. This seemed like a really good idea – otherwise we would have to go back to Wat Arun, take the ferry to Wat Pho and catch the riverbus back to the central station.

We were all congratulating ourselves till we reached Central. Then we realized that the Longboat was about 4 feet lower than the dock. It was going to be a trick getting out without falling into the Chao Phraya.

Gary, of course, hopped right out. Miss Peg took his hand and made a graceful exit in spite of wearing a skirt. Leslie managed a belly roll on the dock but was on her feet in an instant.

My exit should be on YouTube. Gary grabbed my arm, I heaved upwards and the longboat drifted away from the dock. There I was, doing the splits between the dock and the boat with the river churning below. I had a moment of sympathy for the Thanksgiving wishbone.

I lunged, landed on my belly on the dock and clambered up laughing hysterically. Naturally, everyone at the dock and skytrain witnessed my supreme gracefulness. Egads! I’m relieved that (so far) there has been no visual reminder of that particular moment in my life.

Pure poetry in motion.
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