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Chatuchak Market

We arrived in Bangkok on a Friday night. Saturday morning we headed out to Chatuchak Market. I hit Asian Shopping Overload within minutes.

Chatuchak was huge – easily 6-football fields worth of 6,000 tiny stalls selling everything from fresh seafood to antiques to Hill tribe artifacts. It was chaotic, crowded and blistering hot. I experienced my first-ever shopping frenzy. I came home with artwork, silk scarves, a purse, a pair of stylish glasses, a tiny teapot with a dragon spout and a hemp dragon.

I think my brains exploded when I got to the chandelier aisle. My Precious! I wanted them all! I was distressed to discover they weighed a ton. Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to lug one home from the market. Historical Note: In 2000 my Parents, Mr. W the kids & I went to Europe. While in Venice, I fell in love with a chandelier. Mr. W poo-faced so I didn’t buy it. I festered with regret. Four years later I went back to Venice with my cousin the travel writer. The first thing I did on the first day there was to buy a chandelier. I’m sorry I didn’t buy two. Apparently I have a thing for chandeliers.

Then I found this Buffalo Head. I wanted that too.

It was time to take a break and have iced coconut. Sanity was restored. I calmed down and quit whining for chandeliers and bison.

This little boy was so cute, performing

We had to be careful in the Knife Aisle

These are 3-foot long flute-like musical instruments

There were walls of beads

Weird colored drinks

I bought a dragon from this woman weaving hemp animals

I could buy an image of the Buddha, but wouldn’t be allowed to take it out of the country.

Then we walked past the stand making Weird Creature Soup.

There was a display of antique telephones. Unfortunately, there was also more chandeliers. I was seconds away from buying something huge and attempting to lug it home on the sky train. Miss Peg put me on time out and marched me home before I had a meltdown.

In the surreal land of Chatuchak Market, as we were leaving I noticed this Soi Cowboy singing “Take me home, country road..”
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