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The Ruins of Ayutthaya

Bang Pa-In Palace had been a weird experience. Ayutthaya was something very different.

Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of Thailand. The central island stands at the confluence of the Chao Phraya, Lop Buri and Pasak Rivers. It was once a major power, wealthy, open to Western traders by the early 15th century. In 1767 the Burmese sacked Ayuthaya and the capitol shifted to Bangkok.

I thought the jewel of this site was Buddha’s head trapped in a Strangler Fig Tree.

The ruins were quiet, shady and lovely.

I liked the Khmer style chedi’s made of brick. It reminded me of Wat Arun

Sometimes there were many chedi’s clustered together.

There were ruins that looked faintly Grecian to me.

I thought this sculpture was beautiful, with the sheer draped skirt.

This Hindu sculpture was made Buddhist by draping it with robes.

I drove Leslie nuts because I had to climb every staircase

This ancient temple was huge and impressive.

This is my happy tourist

Then we went around a corner and we were in a modern, busy Wat. It was crowded with worshipers.

People had left offerings of soap and tea for the Monks.

I love the drapery around this tree. That means it is a sacred, protected shrine.

We rode back to Bangkok on the Chao Phraya river. As always, the scenery was impressive. The boat was part of the Four Season Hotel service and had a huge buffet. Our drinks were garnished with orchids. We were living the dream.
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