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Back to Thailand

I want to finish posting about my trip - sorry, friends & family, for the delay. I'm epic lazy....

The last day my Girl was in Thailand was busy.

The night before, at 
Cabbages & Condoms, she had ordered ‘Son Beef’ for dinner. Take her experience as a warning: Just because it makes your tiny brain laugh as you order doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to eat. Egads! The midnight potty drama. Ever charming about being woken, I had limited sympathy.

I was even crabbier by how quickly she’d recovered the next morning as I stumbled around in my pre-coffee zombie mode.

She had dress fittings and needed to buy another suitcase to haul home all her purchases. By the time I got home she’d have moved out. She was excited to go back and start her new life.

I was miserable, like the family dog seeing suitcases.

Miss Peg noticed my gloom and hauled me off for a great experience; a Thai foot scrub. Think barbershop but instead of getting a haircut, you sit on recliners and soak your feet in scalding water while drinking hot tea. It was surprisingly relaxing, considering we were living at heatstroke central.

A tiny, Grandmotherly type proceeded to sand my soles, rub them with a lotion that smelled like Vicks Vapor Rub and bind my feet in towels. My tootsies were tingling like mad. Then she massaged my calves and shins. It Was Heaven.

As soon as I thought I’d died of comfort, she whipped off the towels and massaged my feet till I purred. I HAD NO IDEA ANYTHING COULD FEEL THAT GOOD! I turned into a puddle of goo and almost melted off the recliner. She turned me around and rubbed my neck and shoulders. Then she buried her fingers in my scalp and rubbed any worries I ever had right out of my brain.

Miss Peg and I floated home. We made a good-bye dinner for my Girl. Afterwards we sat around the table laughing about my exit from the Longboat after our
klong tour. We got teased about the shirt and sarongs of shame.

Then it was time to walk her out of the compound and put her in a cab to the airport. I hugged her and said “Good trip.” She hugged me back saying, “There is no one I’d rather have taken this trip with.” And then she was gone.

To Recap:  Hat of South Korea

Happy Broiling Thailand Tourists

I hardly moved the next day. I read the book “Very Thai” and tested all 5 of Miss Pegs couches. I was comatose from a combo of the non-stop go go tourist stuff and the realization that my child was an adult.

I’m truly happy that she’s successfully launched. Still, I think I’d give anything to have that little girl back, to cuddle and hear laugh, for just an hour.

I’m really, really lucky. My children were really fun kids and I’ve had a ball raising them. They’ve grown up to be funny, loving and compassionate adults. I wonder sometimes, if any other part of my life could possibly be as great as being a Mom. I guess I’ll find out.

“So,” I said to Gary and Miss Peg, Saturday night when I finally got off the couch. “I want to go see Angkor Wat in Cambodia.”

“I’m not going to even offer to keep you company,” said Miss Peg. “I know you’ll spend all day every day looking for the oldest and most dusty ruins.”

I had to laugh – she was right. I could indulge my history dork.

“You’d be flying into Siem Reap. Go to the American Express Office at the Embassy Monday and make your plans.” Did I mention that Gary was a great host?

It was time for a solo adventure.
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