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Ta Prohm

Of all the ruins I explored at the Angkor Wat complex, Ta Prohm had the most mysterious vibe.

Afternoons were so hot that most of the tour bus crowd left the park. Since I knew I’d never get back to Cambodia I was willing to brave the broil to see more of the temples.

It was still and quiet in the afternoon. Honored Guide and I had the place to ourselves. He’d tell me stories of Cambodian history and folklore as we walked through the jungle to some of the more remote places.

Ta Prohm appeared out of the jungle. It was like a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Notice how huge the trees are.

The dappled shade made it pleasant in spite of the heat.

Strangler Fig trees held up the walls.

This courtyard was beautiful and mysterious.

Every hole in this niche once held a precious stone. Ta Prohm had once been a temple of great wealth.

It was quiet and lovely. The monkeys were chattering overhead.

These kids were so sweet. Note the Seoul Korea t-shirt.

It is a beautiful temple.

I was thrilled to buy three watercolors from this artist.

Ta Prohm was a unique, other world experience, and a memorable afternoon at a beautiful, mysterious place in Cambodia. Thank you, Honored Guide and Trusted Driver.
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