empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Returning to Thailand, I noticed a few things. First off, the airport that had flummoxed me on my first arrival seemed normal.

I knew how to barter for a cab and, after a brief prayer, didn't fret the ride. I wai'd the guards at the compound entrance, handed them my drivers license and ran all the way home to Miss Peg and Gary full of stories.

That was Friday night. Saturday I had Cambodian Potty Drama. I staggered around, chugging Imodium and taking 6-hour naps. I oozed charm and am sure my hosts were really happy to have me back, polluting their house.

Sunday Miss Peg, son Tom and I went to the movies. We figured the whole trip so I would never be more than 3 minutes away from a bathroom. This transvestite, all beautiful legs, keep me from thinking about my innards while I was riding the skytrain.

Our destination was a mall up the street called Siam Paragon. Holey Krap – that was one hooge place. I loved this Jesus surrounded by soccer balls.

Another Bangkok phenomenon I often noticed is: What climate are you in? I was at heat stroke central. The a/c cooled the mall to a survivable 85 degrees. I stood on the escalator, sweating in my linen capris and sleeveless t-shirt. The women standing next to me was wearing jeans and zipped up fur coat.

At the movies, I was introduced to 50/50 popcorn. What a stellar invention: 50% regular popcorn and 50% caramel corn. Yes, it was the first solid food I’d put in my stomach for days. It was yummy goodness and proved once again that I can digest scrap iron, even if my colon is in an uproar.

Before the previews, you have to stand up for a tribute to the King. It reminded me of the pledge of allegiance, only without cynicism.

The Imodium & popcorn combo had me cured of Cambodian Potty Drama so we walked home past the Erawan Shrine.

Quick Historical FAQ; construction of the original Erawan Hotel in the 1950's was accident plagued. In order to counteract the bad spirits causing the problems, the shrine was built in front of the hotel, dedicated to Indra and his elephant mount Erawan and blessed by Buddhist monks.

In the crazy traffic, we could watch the cabdrivers driving by take their hands off the steering wheel to respectfully wai the shrine. It's a happening place, crowded with tourists and people seeking merit, leaving flower offerings and releasing sparrows from cages. Anyone can pay a fee and the costumed dancers do a stylized "thank you for my good fortune" dance.

The God up close

Thai dancers were performing.

Miss Peg told me that all the yellow chrysanthemum floral offerings came from the Pak Khlong flower market, upriver. I loved navigating Bangkok waterways, so I decided I'd better make sure I saw the flower market.
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