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Pat Khlong Flower Market

I promise that there are only a few more Asian posts!

The shrines and spirit house all over Bangkok were covered daily in yellow chrysanthemums. The Pat Khlong Market was The Place to see flower commerce in Bangkok. It was reachable by waterbus on the Cho Pyra, always a bonus for me. I knew where I was when I was on the river, which was more than I could say for myself during street travel. Plus – it was always cooler on the river.

I often got lost trying to find tourist destinations. This time I had a clue: follow the little old Asian ladies. First off, I figured by their age they knew how to cross the streets in Bangkok. Secondly, those were the people who were always selling floral offerings at the shrines. I just walked behind them when the boat docked.

Women ran every stall.

The shrine offerings were really fancy or they were long garlands of yellow chrysanthemums.

Instead of plastic bags, people were given baskets to carry their purchases home.

On the floor of a stall there was an offering to the spirits. I was tickled to see it was a piece of pumpkin pie.

In spite of the crazy traffic whizzing around, there was a large crowd of people standing on the street. I wondered what was worth risking their lives. A television set up outside one of the stalls was blasting a Thai soap opera. In the middle of the crowd was a Buddhist Monk, paying close attention to the drama on screen. I though it was funny.

What an amazing smell. Fly covered fish for sale, sitting out in the broiling heat.

My stomach, after Cambodia.

I liked all the Buddha’s, wrapped up and ready to be worshipped.
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