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Eggplant and Earthshoe

Warning – I sound like a judgmental old lady….

During a long weekend in Chang Mai, I spent a day at an elephant sanctuary. It was pretty country.

My traveling companions were mostly American women that came to Thailand yearly to ‘save the soi dogs.’

I’d seen legless beggars dragging themselves along the streets, malnourished women begging with horribly ill babies and children roped to blind men, playing music and begging. Education is no longer compulsory in Thailand and the literacy rate has dropped alarmingly. I didn’t see feral dogs as Thailand’s biggest social problem.

I kept my mouth shut because they were so earnest and I am so cynical. Before y’all get angry, please know I understand how much pets enhance the lives of their owners.

Bonus hippy dippy couple I though of as Eggplant and Earthshoe were very impressed with the drugs they could buy in Thailand. To them, I was The Man. I didn’t bother to mention that I had been in college during the mid-70’, or….

Never mind – my Mom reads my blog.

I’d seen a lot of this particular Khao San Road, henna tattoo, gauze skirt and/or dreadlocks type around. The Nana section of Bangkok is backpacker heaven with 24 hr hostess bars, cheap rooms and food plus world famous sex tourism.

Thai’s believe that everyone should always be clean and dress modestly. The only Thai’s with tattoos are sex workers. I knew that Thai’s refer to backpackers as ‘kinok’ (birdshit).

If I’d come when I were younger I’d have been kinok, too. But I’m old and staying at the palace. Naturally, because E&E dismissive, I buzzed right over to sit with them at lunch. Ignore me at your own peril.

Turns out that they were from near where I live in Maryland. They quizzed me about ‘what I did’ and boggled when I told them I was a Trophy Wife.

Truly I say unto you – everyone not me was so politically correct, lactose free, vegan earnest that I smothered in mute sarcasm overload.

Sweeping generalizations and loud opinion without research or actual thought makes me testy. (OK – I realize that that is the bias of a person who has worked in news all their life – 3 verifiable sources please.) I am such an old grumpus.

Elephant tooth.

The amount of food it takes to feel a herd of 35 elephants is awesome. I’d finally found something that ate more than a 17-year-old boy. Check out the piles of bananas.

This is sugar cane. The elephants were wild for it.

We were told to stay back, not bother, don’t approach the elephants. I had wandered away from the human herd, needing a little distance so I wouldn’t say something impolite. This guy marched across the compound and right up to me. If I’d had any sense, I’d have been scared.

Two pachyderms

My elephant had kind eyes

Check it out – elephant toes

Elephants like to swim in the river.

Then they roll in the mud.

This guy just smiled and smiled as we fed him.

This boy spent all his time with his elephant. Occasionally, he’d hand the elephant a big stick. The elephant would grasp it with his trunk, swing it up and scratch his big ol elephant back. It was really endearing.

I was really impressed to see these animals up close. It also made me sad. Their places on earth are gone. I feel like these amazing creatures are out of space and time.
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