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Wat Phan On

Chiang Mai was a fast plane ride to northern Thailand. We spent more time cabbing to the airport and getting through security than we spent in the air getting to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is rightfully known as the ‘Rose of the North.’ It was a different world than Bangkok – 1.5 million residents rather than Bangkok's 13 million. Cooler by 15 degrees, thank you Jeebus. However, northern Thailand’s poverty is directly proportional to it’s Red Shirt recruitment.

This Tuk-Tuk sign cracked me up.

Miss Peg and I love weird. Wat Phan On had a great display of strange. I'll start with the traditional stuff.

It was lovely and guilded

The roofline was really elaborate

I was blinded by the gold chedi. I want one for my headstone, someday.

There were rows of worship bells. It took all my willpower not to ring them.

Monks studying

This noisy rooster was the boss of the Wat. No way could I have lived with him.

You'd think it was a ordinary Wat until you got away from the temples. I boggled at the Santa bench.

The grounds were covered with weird plastic animals.

Apparently Zebras were popular

Donald Duck at the Wat, please note he is in front of a temple, eating noodles next to Buddha.

I'm not sure what this creature is but I am sure that she is a Mom.

I'm willing to bet that the reason women weren't allowed here is because the monks were playing video games.

Two friends, heatstroke happy.
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