empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Warorot Market and bad music

Only three more Asian posts. Then I promise to stop talking about Thailand....

Chiang Mai is an ancient walled city with moats and gates. Beautiful Wat Chedi Luang is an impressive antiquity. I expected the Nagi guarding the staircase but I'd never seen a chedi with elephants before.

Three Sisters hotel was Thai modern. It had an open-air lobby surrounded by babbling stream swimming with koi. The misters went off at regular intervals, keeping us cool. It was a great place to watch people.

We took a walk through Warorot Market. I loved all the sparkly fabrics, but Miss Peg didn't want to quilt with them.

Women owned the corner grocery store. I didn't recognize much of the produce.

Dragon Fruit looked interesting but tasted bland, like boring watermelon.

Fried Bug was a very popular snack all over Asia. I just couldn't bring myself to try. Now I'm sorry I was a sissy.

Miss Peg, Gary and I had a great lunch. Who knows what we were eating, because sitting next to us was a crowd of German biker guys and their Thai bar hostess girlfriends.

It was my opportunity to eavesdrop and observe up close, the sex trade temporary girlfriend phenom. Ugh - drunken, posturing mens. Those women didn’t get paid enough, prolly why there was so much discrete texting going on under the table.

The guys didn't notice that they weren't fascinating. Why were they trying so loudly to impress? There wasn't any suspense about where they'd end up, yaknow?

Even better than the macho floorshow was the live music playing in the bar next door. Someone had a serious Beatles jones. As we were eating and eavesdropping, someone was wailing, I want chewww. I want you so bad it's driving me mad I want chewww so bad. Cheez so heavvvvyyy.

The musicians blew a fuse during a particularly awful guitar solo. Cue Asian cursing and crashing around in the dark, getting it fixed. The band resumed the same song, which they played at least five times in a row. I was in heaven.

It was a really good day.
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