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Chiang Mai moments

Weekends in Chiang Mai hosted a hopping night market. Roads were closed and hundreds of vendors set up booths. The Hill tribe handcrafts are beautiful. I bought a mango wood bowl and several pieces of silver jewelry for gifts.

Buddhist Monks were out in force. These guys were buying books.

There were dancers performing

I was charmed by this pretty girl


It was very Thai to paint cement to look like wood - if wood was bright orange.

I had been walking around sightseeing all morning. I sat down on a bench under a tree and looked at my sore feet.

This monk sat down next to me.

Like all the Thai’s I had encountered, he wanted to practice his English with me. He told me about his life, how he studied in the mornings and taught school in the afternoons. He lived in a tiny apartment with lots of fellow monks. He missed his family, esp his Mom’s cooking. He’d never leave the wat, or marry, but being a monk brought honor to his family and provided him with an education he couldn’t have had otherwise.

He asked me what I thought of Buddhism. Did I find it unique?

“Do you want the honest or the polite answer? I asked him. He opted for honest.

“I find it similar to all the other great religions on the planet. A lot of energy is devoted to making sure women remain second-class citizens.” I pointed to the ‘no women allowed beyond this point’ signs festooning various locations.

“My Mother says the same thing,” he informed me. “But usually Americans say Buddhism is more peaceful.”

“All religions bleat about peace. I’m looking for one with a better opinion of the greater sex.”

That left him flummoxed. We both laughed. It was fun.
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