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I was levitated out of bed this morning by a huge lighting strike over the house. The hair on my arms was standing straight up. The wind howled and the rain sheeted down.

I stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee as Mr. W came dripping through the back door. He had been out for a run when the storm swept through. He squelched past and scared the rabbit.

The bunny in question looks like he could get pulled from a magician’s hat. He belongs to our Daughter. She’s on vacation. We are pet sitting. He’s cute and litter box trained.

I wanted to call him Dinner, but she named him Monster.

I chugged coffee so I could form words. “Why is Monster out?”

“He zipped around really happy when I let him out of the cage.” Mr. Wonderful is a sucker for any pet.

“Well,” I told him, “Monster is cowering under the couch scared of the thunder.”

Our hero proceeded to coax Monster out from under the couch with fresh kale, carrots and a brussel sprout. Honestly, he is cute – he stands on his hind legs and begs for strawberries. He also snores loudly under the couch, all day long.

What a life. Kinda like mine.

Tags: monster
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