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The Wedding Anniversary

Mr. Wonderful and I had our 25th wedding anniversary in June. We still love each other and our kids bring us tremendous joy.  All things considered, I'm thinking that our marriage could be counted as a success.  So far.

Thank Gwad – because it took me two years to get Mr. W housebroken and there is the whole issue of why anyone would want to live with me once they’d seen me a.m. pre coffee. Plus - dating seems like an endlessly long, miserable job interview.

Years ago, I took great interest in a local story where a woman, enraged by her husband’s confession of adultery, ran him over with her car. She got three years for involuntary manslaughter, was out in 18 months for good behavior, didn’t lose custody of her kids and somehow managed to collect on the life insurance. I used to point out to Mr. W that it was a very satisfactory alternative to divorce.

Huh – maybe 25 years isn’t the accomplishment I thought.

ANYWAY – we agreed on a no anniversary gift policy after the
Mother’s Day fiasco. Instead we’re going to Greece and Istanbul for 3 weeks at the end of Sept/Oct. I’m thrilled and officially having the Best Year Ever.

On our actual anniversary we took a first ever weekend sans kids and went hiking in Pa. We ate homemade ice cream and generally enjoyed a great two days.

On our Saturday night fancy dinner, we managed to sit within eavesdropping distance of a table of women who were celebrating a divorce. They were really having fun and it was an eye opening contrast. Their stories and overall attitude/alcohol consumption was awesome. We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more.

Once dinner was over, Mr. W handed me a card with a lovely note and all the pictures of our kids he’d carried in his wallet all these years. It was perfect and made me teary – which for cynical, unsentimental, unromantic me, was a first.

Digging around in the basement a few days later, I came across a forgotten poster sized wedding picture. I looked young and slim and lovely. Mr. W had nine gin and tonics during the reception – he had a huge grin and red eyes. He looked like mischief.

I hung it in our newly renovated laundry room, right over the washer.

“Ever the romantic,” Mr. Wonderful couldn’t help but laugh. I was so pleased with myself.

“I visit us every day.” I told him.
Tags: 25 is not just a number
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